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Third-Party Cookie Crumbling - Risk or Reward? Threat or Benefit?

For years third-party cookies have been used by marketers to track website visitors, serve relevant advertising, and improve user experiences. With the crumbling of the third-party cookie, marketers now face a new reality requiring them to find alternatives to enable accurate visitor identification. In a world moving away from cookies, what options do marketers have? The truth is this paradigm shift represents an opportunity for brands to find and master future-proof solutions that transfer control back to the brand marketer.

In this webinar, Audience Acuity experts break down the emerging solutions for a cookie-less world.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Where is ID Resolution headed in a cookie-less world?
  • How Microsoft Customer Insights supports the ID resolution process
  • IOS perspective and the future of “opt-in
  • How to help your brand become “Future-Proof”
  • Microsoft Customer Insights + Super Identity Graph = Better Together

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