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The True North for CX: Your Customers Prefer Ease Over Delight

Never has it been easier or cheaper for your customers to leave you. So how do you keep your customers happy when their expectations outpace your budget and capacity?

The most progressive CX leaders know that the old methods of gaining and retaining customer loyalty no longer work, and attempts to delight customers have diminishing returns. The only way to win a customer’s loyalty is to deliver an experience that feels as effortless as possible.

How do you write the new Customer Experience Playbook? How do you keep costs low, customer satisfaction high and profits growing – at the same time? During this webinar, we will be joined by communications intelligence provider, Tethr, to discuss why a low-effort customer experience is the new gold standard for customer success and what new skills and technologies you can leverage to cultivate more raving fans.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • What a low-effort customer experience means and how it will impact your organization and customers
  • How to identify the highest effort points in your customer journey
  • Ways to transform your processes to embrace this new path forward
  • How to devise and track your new success criteria