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Solution Voice of the Employee

Your employees possess invaluable insight into your customers, including their general needs, preferences and common pain points they experience. How can you empower employees to share this useful information? Developing an official Voice of the Employee program is a great place to start.

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We Help You See Your Employees’ Perspective

Your employees’ viewpoints are just as important as those of your customers. Businesses that make the effort to listen to their employees often uncover valuable information regarding the effectiveness of their overall CX efforts and individual experiences. We help you gather and analyze employee insights in an effort to address common pain points along the customer journey.

Employee Surveys

One of the most common ways to gain insight into the employee experience and their thoughts on customer journeys is to conduct regular surveys of customer-facing staff members. Survey programs can be an effective strategy for gathering general information regarding employee and customer experience but should be conducted with care – surveying too often or surveying an otherwise unengaged employee base may result in sub-optimal information. Our team offers a wide range of survey tools, strategies and services to help you tap into your employee’s valuable insight.

Active Listening

Encouraging team leaders to conduct active listening exercises during individual or group meetings is a great way to gather employee insight. Devoting just a few minutes of a minute each week or month to exploring common issues employees encounter, either in their own work or from the perspective of their customers, can help to identify areas of improvement for all stakeholders. Our team offers useful strategies and tools for promoting active listening and capturing information gained during active listening efforts.

Reward Programs

Incentivizing your employees to share their feedback and go the extra mile to support customers can help to promote engagement and improve CX. Empower your employees to share their thoughts, and to be able to do what is right for the customer, then reward them for doing so. Effective incentives can be anything from gift cards to extra vacation hours, as long as you make the effort to recognize the work your employees do to improve the experiences of their customers. We help you design, build and promote your VoE reward program, and create processes for capturing and analyzing the resulting information.