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Solution Voice of the Customer

Customer Experience is all about meeting the expectations and needs of your customers and delivering the products or services they want. How can you gauge the effectiveness of your CX efforts from that all-important customer perspective? Implementing a Voice of the Customer program can help.

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We Help You Hear Your Customers

Voice of the Customer programs, or VoC, can help you better identify your customers’ needs and expectations, avoid brand-wide issues and strategize new products, services or processes. Our CX experts help you identify your VoC goals and develop a customized program to achieve them.

VoC Program Design

When designing your VOC program, it is important to set clearly defined goals for your efforts, and to conduct a thorough review of existing data sources and channels available for customer communications. We design customized VoC programs to help you gain the most complete perspective of your customers.

VoC Program Execution

Executing a VoC program can be difficult, especially when focusing on the daily operations of your organization. Managing the ongoing outreach and recording incoming responses can tax even the most well-equipped teams. Our staff shoulders the burdens of executing your VoC program by managing the delivery of customer messages and charting responses on your behalf.

VoC Program Analysis

Turning customer responses into actionable data requires effective analysis and reporting of the data. Unfortunately, knowing how to effectively analyze the data you’ve gathered isn’t always easy. We provide comprehensive analysis and reporting services to help ensure you make the most of the data gathered during your VoC program.

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