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Solution Virtual Assistants

Though routine in nature, repetitive processes often cause bottlenecks in an employee’s productivity, which may lead to a negative impact on customer experience. How can you provide employees with tools to streamline routine processes, while ensuring their accurate completion? Virtual assistants provide assistance with routine tasks, both simple and complex, and help to keep your staff moving.

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We Build Useful Virtual Assistants

When you hear the term virtual assistant, solutions like Siri, Cortana or Alexa likely come to mind. Imagine if your employees had their very own, customized virtual assistant to help accomplish tasks throughout the workday.

We build virtual assistants that provide real, positive benefit to your organization.

Increased Efficiency

We build virtual assistants that enable users to execute a wide range of tasks, including creating calendar appointments, updating task lists, initiating customer calls, updating CRM contact data and so much more. By automating these routine processes, our virtual assistants improve employee efficiency and satisfaction.

Improved Access

Our virtual assistant solutions are voice driven and integrated directly into your enterprise applications. This streamlines employee access to the tools at their disposal, and improves convenience and ease-of-use, especially for employees in the field.

Enhanced Accuracy

We make it possible for your employees to enter and update information in mission-critical databases, such as your CRM system, quickly and accurately. By enabling voice entry of information, our virtual assistants allow employees to make updates while they are fresh in their mind, even as they travel to their next appointment or move on to their next task.

Better Interactions

Virtual assistants take significant stress off your employees, allowing them to focus on your customers, rather than routine tasks. Without having to worry about those standard processes, your staff can more deeply engage with customers in person or via any communication channel.

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