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Solution Data Reporting and Visualizations

Data is only valuable if it is easily accessible, understandable and shareable to every member of your business. How can you make data easy to review and share throughout your organization? A well-crafted reporting and visualization strategy makes data useful for all employees.

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We Enable Knowledge Transfer

For years, businesses have relied on data reporting to chart statistical trends and inform decisions. Unfortunately, traditional reports often fail to accurately convey the data being tracked, especially to team members without specialized knowledge of the subject matter. Taking traditional reporting to the next level fosters knowledge transfer and improves the actionable value of the information.

To help you modernize your reporting efforts, we offer a wide range of Data Reporting and Visualization services.

Reporting Design

Statistical reports are only useful if they contain the data points relevant to a decision, timeframe or communication channel. Our experts help you design customized reports that yield the information you need, when you need it.

Dashboard Development

Interactive dashboards offer users the ability to view multiple data streams in real-time. Our team develops custom dashboards to give individuals, departments or your entire organization visibility to key data.

Real-time Analytics

Interpreting data as it flows into your systems can help you take swift and decisive action. We enable real-time analysis of data by helping you develop a strategy and implement the tools and processes needed to support it.

Custom Visuals

Turning a complex report into a visual representation of the data is an effective strategy for sharing information across departments and disciplines. We provide the tools and advice you need to create custom visuals for ongoing reporting efforts or one-off data presentations.

Case Study

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For Cummins Inc., bridging the gap between generator reliability and customer satisfaction became a goal of the organization’s efforts to create lasting brand loyalty. With that goal in mind, Cummins set out to create a mobile application that offers customers the ability to track a generator’s status in real-time.

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