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Solution Managed Services

Enterprise-level technology solutions often require regular maintenance, updates and attention – all of which cost time, money and talent. How can you maintain consistent operation of your critical solutions, without the significant costs of a dedicated internal support team? The Managed Services model may be the answer.

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We Are Your IT Team

Maintaining optimal effectiveness and uptime of your enterprise systems is critical to smooth operations. Unfortunately, the complex nature of today’s software solutions can make them difficult to manage, especially when large number of users are utilizing the technology from multiple geographic locations.

We offer the flexible, cost-effective Managed Services support you need to keep your key solutions up and running.

Proactive Maintenance

Addressing potential issues before they impact end users is critical to efficiency and productivity. We conduct proactive maintenance of your network, servers, hardware and applications, all in an effort to identify and resolve potential issues.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Technology issues can pop up at any time of day. Our round the clock monitoring services are designed to identify potential issues within a specific platform or your overall network ecosystem. Should an issue arise, regardless of the time of day, we’re available to help you resolve it.

Patching and Updates

Technology vendors continually update and patch their solutions to add new features or improve functionality. Unfortunately, implementing updates or patches takes time and can negatively impact end-users. Our team carefully schedules and manages patches and updates to ensure their smooth completion and limit user impact.

Detailed Reporting

When operating any business, it is important to remain aware of the health of your technology ecosystem. Our monthly reporting and quarterly reviews help you maintain detailed knowledge of the current state of specific solutions and your technology ecosystem as a whole.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Unplanned technology outages can cost your business thousands of dollars and negatively impact employees and customers. Our backup and disaster recovery services are designed to limit downtime caused by natural disasters, hardware failure and other unforeseen events.

Fixed Fees

The costs of maintaining enterprise solutions internally can vary greatly from month to month, or even day to day. Our managed services support is offered at a fixed rate, meaning that your costs remain the same, regardless of the number of issues that arise in any given month.

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