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Solution IVR Modernization

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, has the potential to streamline customer interactions. How can you use IVR technology to improve your customers’ experiences with your contact center? A fully-developed strategy can make all the difference.

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We Provide Valuable Perspective

An effective IVR strategy addresses the needs and expectations of all parties involved in an experience, including your customers, your agents and your organization as a whole. We provide the perspective you need to understand each party’s role in an experience, and how IVR can be used to support or streamline those roles.

Experience Mapping

Proactively mapping out the types of experiences you want to deliver your customers is a critical part in developing an effective IVR strategy. Our experience experts with you to identify your customers’ journeys through your contact center, including any roadblocks or pain points that can be addressed through successful IVR application.

Script and Menu Development

Your IVR should accurately portray your brand’s identity while being easy to understand and traverse. We offer the guidance and advice you need to develop the most effective script and menu design possible.

IVR Implementation

Implementing IVR technology can be a challenging process, even if your contact center platform already includes the required functionality. Our experts work with you to identify your goals and requirements before creating an action plan that ensures efficient deployment of the technology while limiting impact to customers and agents.

Cross-Platform Integration

The most effective IVR systems are capable of accessing customer data, knowledge bases and other information sources to guide customers and agents through interactions. We help you integrate your IVR platform into other enterprise solutions, including CRM.