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Solution Establish CX Project Work Teams

Effective CX programs require ongoing maintenance and support, as well as the completion of specific tasks or processes. How can you ensure your organization has the talent and resources to maintain your CX program? Establishing an official CX work team can help.

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We Help You Put the Right People in Place for CX Success

Outsourcing all of your customer experience initiatives to a vendor partner can be an effective strategy for managing short-term CX projects. However, working with a partner on all aspects of your CX program can quickly become cost prohibitive. Developing your own internal CX team or internal CX competencies can help alleviate the costs and disruption associated with executing CX initiatives.

There are two general approaches to establishing CX work teams – the creation of a dedicated CX team and the development of enterprise-wide CX competencies. Each approach offers specific benefits and drawbacks, making it important to carefully explore your options before settling on a strategy. Our CX experts help you review your CX goals and available talent to help you determine the best course of action for your organization’s unique needs.

Creating a Dedicated Customer Experience Team

Developing a dedicated CX team reporting to a senior level CX leader is a viable strategy for supporting your organization’s goals. Dedicated CX teams are often responsible for “parachuting” into functional areas or customer interactions to execute CX research, analysis, innovation and CX design methodology. This means that the CX team works with every department throughout the organization to improve individual experiences and processes, or the organization’s overall strategy.

Developing Enterprise-Wide CX Competency

Rather than creating a dedicated CX team, many organizations encourage or require employees across various departments to obtain CX-specific training or experience. This allows the organization to address some CX concerns in-house, without adding new staff. Of course, the drawback of this approach is that these individuals are forced to juggle multiple responsibilities, which can impact their overall effectiveness in each role.