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Solution ERP

Harnessing the important information that resides in your ERP is essential to delivering seamless commerce experiences. Disparate systems are a thing of the past - Avtex delivers a truly unified commerce platform that ensures your ERP and commerce engine are running in harmony.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Unify People, Processes and Technology

Your ERP is a critical system collecting information from across your organization – it unifies people, processes and technology. At Avtex, we leverage ERP technology, ecommerce technology, strategy, and best practices to ensure you deliver powerful commerce experiences through a single, unified platform. We’ll help you make sure everything is running smoothly from an integration standpoint, while capturing and managing the data.

Enable Important Data Flow & Processing

When paired together for the purpose of commerce, your ERP supplies your eCommerce system with important, real-time data. Your ERP is often your source of truth in your organization providing the ability to improve inventory planning, deliver stronger reporting, automate manual tasks, and improve order accuracy. Avtex provides comprehensive consulting services to ensure you are getting the most out of your powerful ERP and delivering stronger customer experiences.

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