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Solution Device Strategy Planning

For most employees, a computer and phone simply don’t provide the range of tools needed to do their jobs. Instead, they rely on any number of devices, including smartphones, headsets, tablets and more. How can you effectively plan for your employees’ device needs and preferences? It begins with knowing your employees’ different device needs, expectations and desires.

Main pointing at tablet device.

Device strategy planning offers a number of benefits, including increased employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as cost savings. However, determining which types, brand and even model of device to provide your employees can be a challenge.

We offer the advice you need to conduct comprehensive device strategy planning.

Defining Employee Personas

Every employee, even those in the same role or department, has unique device needs and preferences. Creating employee personas that address this diversity of device needs is key to effective device strategy planning. Our experts work with you to develop detailed employee personas and identify each persona’s specific device needs.

Device Selection

The sheer number of business devices available on the market is astounding – selecting the best products for your device needs can be challenging. We provide the unbiased guidance you need to compare viable device options and choose those that best fit your needs and budget.

Assigning Devices

The process of assigning devices can be time consuming and work intensive. Our experience with device assignment allows us to offer useful insight into strategies and best practices to help streamline the process.

Managing Devices

Business devices have a finite viable life-cycle, making it important to manage every device in your network carefully. Our device management services are designed to maximize the life cycle of your laptops, phones, mobile devices and more.

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