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Solution Defining Your North Star

Customer Experience is the responsibility of all members of your organization, regardless of their role. How can you ensure that employees at every level understand your CX strategy and actively work to support it? Defining your “North Star” is key to the success of your entire CX approach and strategy.

We Put You on the Path to CX Success

Creating your organization’s overarching Customer Experience philosophy can be more difficult than you might think. Your North Star should clearly convey your organization’s approach to CX while serving as a rallying point for all employees. Our CX experts provide the outside perspective and workshopping guidance you need to define your North Star and drive organization-wide buy-in.

Laying Your Foundation

Defining your North Star often begins with finding answers to a number of difficult questions. How do you want your customers to view your brand personality? What do you want to be known for in the experiences you deliver? How will your CX set you apart from your competition? We work with you to answer these questions and push deeper into these all-important conversations to help you develop and define your North Star.

Obtaining Employee Buy-In

Your North Star provides employees with a focal point and guidance in how they interact with customers or design digital and real-time experiences. In order to achieve buy-in to your North Star, you must commit to conveying and reinforcing it, and ensure that all levels of the organization live it each and every day. Our team helps you develop strategies for socializing your North Star throughout the organization and encouraging buy-in from all employees.

Supporting Your North Star

Defining your North Star is just the start. You must also provide your employees with the tools, training, processes and support necessary to live it day in and day out. To help enable your newly developed ideology, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current CX technology ecosystem and offer advice on ways to ensure optimal support for your North Star.

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