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Solution Data and Analytics Strategy

Each day, countless kilobytes of data flow into your organization – every time a customer engages with your brand, whether through your website or your contact center, they share valuable information. How can you capture and utilize that data to benefit your customers and employees? Making the most of your data requires a comprehensive strategy.

We Put Data to Work

Organizations that lack a sound operational strategy, or a plan on where they want to go, face significant challenges in competing within their industries. Using data and analytics, you can develop a comprehensive strategy to drive your business forward, both for the short and long terms.

To help you leverage the information at your disposal, we offer a wide range of Data and Analytics Strategy services.

Solution Architecture

The processes and tools you use to capture, manage, store and access information play a large role in the overall quality and usefulness of your data. Our experts help you develop the documentation, processes and solutions needed to overcome current challenges or plan for future initiatives.

Solution Evaluation

Selecting the appropriate tools to enable your data and analytics strategy can be challenging, especially given the wide range of solutions and feature sets available today. We provide the insight and advice you need to understand the available solutions and identify the best fit for your specific needs and goals.

Business Intelligence

Information regarding the past or current state of your business is vital to making effective business decisions. We help you develop strategies and processes for identifying, gathering and transforming raw data into actionable intelligence to inform your leadership and enable tactical decision making.

Analytics Roadmapping

A successful data and analytics strategy begins with a comprehensive plan. Our team helps you develop a customized roadmap that details the type of data stakeholders require, how your organization will gather that data and how you will turn that raw data into useful intelligence.

Case Study

a overhead view of a shipping yard

Avtex Creates Custom Solution to Help Strategic Wave Track Assets in Real-Time

At any given time, Strategic Wave tracks the location, destination and status of up to 8,000 ISO tank containers, chassis, and returnable cylinder assets on behalf of chemical manufacturers and shippers across the globe. Providing its customers with easy access to updated data regarding these assets is a key aspect of Strategic Wave’s business plan. Unfortunately, the company’s outdated and underpowered customer access application struggled to meet this goal, leaving many customers frustrated.

Strategic Wave logo

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