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Solution Data and Analytics

Data is critical to the success of your Customer Experience program and your business as a whole. So, how do you capture this invaluable information and what do you do with it once you have it? Putting data to work for your business requires a strategic plan of action and the technology to support it.

Man reviews data on a tablet

Harnessing the power of the data continuously flowing throughout your organization is critical to ongoing business success. Avtex offers the data and analytics services you need to capture, manage and utilize data to its fullest. Our experts provide detailed advice on tools, processes, policies and best practices, all in an effort to help you maximize data’s impact on your business.

We Make Data Meaningful

Data on its own isn’t all that useful. Data that means something, that tells a story or helps to make decisions, is invaluable. We’ll help you identify the type of data that provides value to your organization, and the best tools and processes for capturing it. We also offer the guidance you need to take that raw data and refine it into actionable, easy to understand information that can be shared throughout the organization.

Driving Data with Technology

Data starts with technology – without the right tools capturing information, maintaining it and analyzing it, you’ll be hard pressed to gain insight from your data. Our experience with CX solutions, like CRM, contact center technology, and data analytics tools like Power BI, enables us to help you put the right tools into play, at the right times, and with the right metrics. From solution selection all the way through implementation, optimization and management, we help you build the technology ecosystem you need to become a data-driven organization.

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