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Solution Customer Experience Visualization

Visual representations of your customer’s current state experience are often the most effective method of informing your entire organization on the current state of your Customer Experience delivery. How can you share such a view throughout your organization? Building a current state Journey Map with a cross functional team and aligning on the most important pain points on the journey is an important step.

Group working at conference table, with man gesturing towards laptop.

Most customers today are omni-channel in practice. One day they may call, another day they will self-serve, the next moment they decide to stop in your store, and then they head back to your website. Your customers will often take the path of least resistance based on what they are trying to accomplish. Managing these various pathways and interaction points can be difficult, especially when you lack a holistic knowledge of all those paths. Avtex helps you paint the picture of how your customer interacts today and what gets in the way of having a seamless experience.

We Offer Company-Wide Insight

Providing multi-channel interactions to customers is good practice. Unfortunately, each channel is often run by a different department, each with their own view and opinion of your customers’ needs. While each department’s insight is valid and valuable, a single perspective does not offer a true picture of your customers’ journey. Our experts work with you to include a cross functional, cross channel group of employees every step of the way. This approach builds an alignment around a common goal, which in turn changes how your business and individual employees communicate and view customer experiences.

Guided Visualization

Conducting customer journey mapping sessions will help you avoid overlooking important details that may have a dramatic impact on your customers or employees. To help you create the most comprehensive journey map possible, we ensure you start with the right data based on the chosen persona and mindset, and incorporate the critical perspectives of front-line employees, leadership and, of course, your customers.

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