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Solution Customer Experience Understanding

To deliver the most effective experiences, you must possess an intimate knowledge of your customers AND your own organization. How can you develop the comprehensive knowledge needed to drive effective customer experience? True understanding requires a comprehensive approach to customer experience research.

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Customer Experience is often defined as the sum of interactions a customer has with your business. When each individual interaction plays such a critical role in your customer’s overall view of your brand, it is critical to understand the entirety of their experience. It starts before they come to your brand and continues after they either leave or circle back. This includes their goals, activities, thinking, effort, the emotions they feel and the pain points they encounter when engaging with your business. Our experts design, conduct and analyze the research you need to develop a deep understanding of your customers along with what gets in the way of your front-line employees in meeting customer needs.

We Provide Objective Answers

What are our customers’ needs and wants? Is it easy for our customers to do business with us? Do we currently deliver memorable customer experiences? What is it really like to be our customer? Answers to such questions can help you gain a true understanding of your customers and your business and help you empathize with your customers on a deeper level. Unfortunately, when seeking these answers, many businesses fail to focus on their customers’ perspective, and instead search for answers that support their own goals or viewpoint. Our experts help you find the truth about your customers' experience with you across all touch points.

Building a Comprehensive View of Your Customer

When people think of strategies for gaining insight into their customers, journey mapping is often the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, journey mapping is just one part of gaining a holistic knowledge of your customers' experience and if you stop here, you will only have a nice map to look at, but not a total picture. Developing an omni-channel Voice of the Customer program provides critical input into what is happening across the customer journey. Insight into the customers’ current state experience will inform your organization about what your customers currently go through today, and help you to align on what needs to be fixed in the future. We work with you to explore all strategies for gaining the knowledge you need to focus on the aspects of your CX that require the most attention or re-imagining.

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