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Solution CRM for Commerce

Integrating your CRM with your commerce engine enables you to leverage important customer information to deliver frictionless commerce experiences. Enabling your customers at every stage of their buying journey means seamless integration between your commerce platform and your CRM.

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Harnessing the Power of Your CRM for Commerce

Data is crucially important to delivering effective commerce experiences. When integrated with your eCommerce platform, a CRM helps improve supply and demand planning, build stronger, more tailored marketing campaigns, and improve post-purchase service. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to capture the right data at the right time. Avtex ensures your CRM is working for your commerce strategy and your business by providing CRM consulting services. Whether you need to resolve a specific business challenge, improve a process, or implement a new CRM platform, we’re here to help.

“Customer” is in our DNA

The C in CRM stands for “Customer” and that has always been at our core. At Avtex, we are hyper-focused on customer experience. Our experts have been in the customer experience field for nearly 50 years and have developed unmatched knowledge of the technology and processes that fuel exceptional experiences. We provide the business, strategy, and technical advice needed to help you manage your CRM and leverage it alongside your commerce engine.

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