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Solution Commerce Analytics

Is your commerce strategy seeing ROI? When you have powerful analytics for commerce you can easily view information on your customers, orders, sales, and web data alike. Avtex is well-versed in building analytics solutions that get you clear-as-day answers about your bottom line.

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Access the Full Landscape of Your Commerce Data

With Avtex solutions for commerce analytics, you can easily access the full landscape of your commerce data and discover opportunities and gaps. We are focused on delivering holistic views into important information like customer insights, ecommerce data, website analytics, and more.

Get Your Questions Answered

At Avtex, we are focused on helping you set and reach measurable outcomes. We will help you build dashboards and reports that show you valuable insights into your most important KPIs. Here are some of the commerce analytics we can help you get access to:

  • BI Dashboards for retail, stores, product, customers, returns, and discounts
  • Customer Insight Information for marketing, customer care, customer segmentation, product recommendations, customer churn, and customer lifetime value
  • Ecommerce & Web Data for cost per acquisition, cart abandonment rate, sales funnel, return visits, conversions, average order value, and more

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