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Solution Commerce

Today’s consumer demands seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences. Are you enabling your customers to make purchases from any device, whenever, wherever and however they want? Our commerce consulting capabilities enable you to deliver personalized and meaningful customer experiences across physical and digital channels, uniquely connecting the end-to-end customer journey.

Commerce Strategy

Deliver Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Leveraging Microsoft technology, Avtex provides the commerce foundation you need to deliver the omnichannel experiences your customers expect. From your website, to bots, to agents, to floor workers, every customer touchpoint demands a consistent experience. Partnering with Avtex for commerce ensures that a focus on the customer experience is infused into your strategy.

Build a Unified Commerce Solution

Harnessing the power of the Microsoft technology stack, Avtex delivers a unified commerce solution enabling you to manage all your needs around POS, e-commerce, marketing, contact center, finance, inventory, BI & analytics and more. Your important back-office systems like your ERP and CRM are integrated with your commerce engine to deliver a truly unified commerce solution. A unified commerce solution will help you make smarter decisions based on data-driven insights that help you optimize your business – from merchandizing to inventory to fulfillment.

Empower Your Customers and Your Employees

Strong commerce strategies empower your customers and your employees. Your customers can easily research, transact, communicate, and self-serve on your site, freeing up your employees to focus on other tasks. Plus, with a unified commerce platform that combines your commerce engine with your important customer data, your employees have powerful insights into customer buying habits, preferences, and behaviors. Help your employees deliver outstanding customer experiences by giving them the tools they need to succeed – from comprehensive customer data to streamlined operations.

Get Started Fast with Avtex and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Leveraging the Microsoft technology stack, our Launchpad for Commerce rapid start solution is built to provide you an advanced system to manage all your commerce needs for:

  • POS
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Contact Center
  • Finance and operations
  • Inventory
  • BI & analytics
  • Supply chain

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Commerce Boxes

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