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Solution Office 365 Cloud Solutions Provider

Maintaining a complex Office 365 instance can be difficult – supporting large numbers of users while managing licenses and ensuring uptime requires a dedicated and highly-skilled team. How can you enjoy the benefits of Office 365 while limiting costs and consolidating billing? Working with a certified Cloud Solution Provider offers the best of all worlds.

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We Streamline Office 365 Support

Microsoft created the Cloud Solution Provider program to provide businesses with efficient, reliable Office 365 access. Organizations that meet the CSP program’s stringent requirements are empowered by Microsoft to manage all aspects of your Office 365 instance, including licensing and billing.

As a Microsoft certified CSP, we make it easy to maintain your Office 365 environment.

Reliable Support

We offer the comprehensive support you need to manage and optimize your Office 365 ecosystem. Our comprehensive Office 365 Managed Services solutions allow your IT staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks, without fear of a negative impact to end-users. With multiple levels of support available, we have an option to fit your specific requirements.

License Management

Assigning new licenses or updating permissions as employees are hired, change roles or leave the organization can be an overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be. We handle all aspects of licensing on your behalf to ensure the proper access to all Office 365 applications.

Centralized Billing

As a CSP, we combine invoicing for your Office 365 licenses and support. This allows us to send you a single bill, which reduces the strain on your accounting department and streamlines management of your account.

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