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Solution Capabilities Planning

Delivering, tracking and measuring effective customer experiences requires talented people, effective technology and efficient processes. How can you ensure your organization has the capabilities to deliver the experiences your customers deserve? Maximizing your organization’s CX capabilities takes careful planning.

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We Help You Plan for CX Success

Bridging the gap between the experiences you deliver today and the experiences you want to deliver tomorrow may require additional capabilities. Whether you need to add new technology tools or train employees on a new skill, advanced planning for these new capabilities needs is crucial. We offer the advice you need to assess your current capabilities and create a plan for enhancing four critical CX areas.

Mapping and Tracing

Effectively mapping and capturing your current customer experiences – and translating that information into actionable data – requires a specialized skill set and technology tools. We offer advice on the tools and technology you need to map your experiences and help develop a plan to implement them.

Evaluation and Feedback

Listening to your customers and employees is a vital step in gauging the effectiveness of experiences. Capturing feedback and sharing it throughout the organization can be challenging without the proper tools and capabilities. Our team offers advice on the best evaluation and feedback strategies and the solutions needed to put them into action.


Delivering effective and enjoyable experiences to your customers each and every day requires a number of tools and skills, all working together. We provide insight into the foundational CX orchestration tools, and help you plan strategies for addressing any gaps impacting your ongoing delivery and management of experiences.


Data is invaluable for CX leaders – the more information you can gather and analyze the better your decision-making capabilities become. Our team offers advice on viable analytics tools and strategies to help you ensure the accurate and efficient capture and review of customer data.