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Solution Bots

The modern customer expects the ability to find answers to questions or resolve issues without the assistance of a live agent. How can you deliver self-service tools to meet this expectation and empower your customers? Bots may be the answer.

A laptop displaying code.

We Put Bots to Work for You

Bots are automated interfaces found on websites, mobile apps or IOT devices that provide an interactive link between your customers and your knowledge base. A well-built bot will not only improve Customer Experience, enabling customers to accomplish a wide range of tasks, but will also improve contact center agent experience by reducing incoming interaction volume.

Our bot solution offerings are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Chat Bots

One of the more common forms of bots, chat bots are often found on websites and mobile applications. Chat bots allow users to input text-based questions or statements. The bot then interprets the text and identifies and provides the relevant information to the customer. Our work with chat bots has helped many businesses improve overall CX and reduce strain on the contact center.

Voice Bots

A voice enabled bot functions in much the same way as a chat bot, but allows customers to interact through speech, rather than text. We provide the guidance you need to plan, develop and implement effective voice bots on various platforms.

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