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The Complex Relationship of Data, Privacy and Customer Experience in the Contact Center

Our whitepaper considers the challenges contact centers face when handling customer data and how they can stay compliant when using it to better CX.

Four questions answered in the whitepaper:

1. Why should you care about customer experience?

Customer experience is part of every aspect of a company’s offering, from packaging to product features. When companies don’t prioritize CX, they hurt their brand and its profitability.

2. How do government regulations impact your use of customer data?

Government regulations can differ at the federal, state and even industry levels. These variances make it difficult to know if you’re staying compliant.

3. What is the danger of ignoring data or its regulations?

Ignoring data will likely result in your organization losing out to the competition, and ignoring privacy law can result in steep fines. Using data in a compliant manner is the only true solution.

4. How can you guarantee compliance with privacy law?

The challenges of privacy law don’t have to stop you from using data effectively. Through technology, company policy and CX strategy, it’s possible to use data to create an exceptional customer experience.

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