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The 10 Step Checklist to Unlocking the Golden Record in Healthcare

A Changing Healthcare Paradigm

Data is foundational to building a great experience, and healthcare is no exception. With 30% of the world's data volume being generated by the healthcare industry, the challenge to providers is not in the quantity of data available, but in finding that data across disparate sources and ensuring that it is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible.

In this guide, you will find the steps you need to build a unified view of your patient data, helping you unlock the Golden Record in Healthcare—a single, comprehensive view of a patient's records across the entire continuum of care—allowing you to improve patient care, identify systematic improvements, and provide exceptional patient experiences.

Download the Checklist now to explore how to:

  • Understand the Current State of Your Patient Data
  • Build Patient Centricity in Your Organization
  • Better understand Your Patient Segments and Personas
  • Integrate Your EMR with Key Systems
  • Orchestrate Improved Patient Experiences
  • Measure Your Success

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