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Problem Understanding Modern Customer Expectations

CX Transformation

How do we identify the best places for experience improvement?

Effective experience transformation needs to stem from customer insight. We often see a gap between where a customer wants to see improvements vs where the organization is allocating resources. Knowing what questions to ask and when to ask them are critical planning steps to gain insights into customer perceptions. Avtex helps prepare customer feedback programs and prepares the organization to act on the data that is collected.

CX Orchestration

What are the best ways to collect customer insights?

There are many voice-of-the-customer tools that can be used to collect information in several different ways. Avtex has experience putting together the right questions and using the right tools to collect customer feedback both directly and indirectly. We can help you run the entire VoC program or just provide guidance on the right methods and tools.


We live in a hyperconnected world such that our customers expectations are shaped by more than their past interactions with our organizations. Experiences are carried forward as new expectations across industries, services and geographies. In order to meet the demands of modern customers, we need to look outside our own company boarders and understand what’s happening to influence expectations across the spectrum.

Meet and exceed modern customer expectations with custom innovations and offerings from Avtex.

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