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Problem Thinking beyond the problem at hand

CX Transformation

Are we valuing the customer’s time?

Some clients we’ve worked with keep a chair open in each meeting that is colored differently than the rest. This chair represents the customer and acts as a visual reminder that each decision should be made with the customer in mind. Are you measuring customer effort? Avtex can help you put key measurements in place that can inform areas where effort can be minimized for the customer, showing your value for their time.

CX Orchestration

How do we identify problems before they arise?

Real-time insights and employee empowerment are critical to problem resolution. AI and machine learning can be added in the right places to add a predictive layer and gain a premonition advantage. Think about how you’re routing information to the right place and giving employees access to data that enables them to be a problem solver.



Think about the brands that have worked hard to treat you as a person, not just a problem to solve. What do they have in common? Culture plays a huge role when building an organization that goes above and beyond for customers. To craft the right culture takes planning and ongoing dedication from the executive level down. Constant training and enablement are core tenants of a culture shift. How can you empower each employee to be a customer advocate? Customer Experience is everyone’s job, no matter the department or business unit.

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