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Problem Giving Agents the Tools for Success

CX Transformation

How do my agents provide the best interactions possible?

There are two focus areas that organizations need to apply to deliver exceptional experiences with warmth and competency. Because agents are the main point of interaction with customers and prospects, they need to exude warmth and competence to be perceived as authentic and helpful. Avtex helps organizations build comprehensive plans to empower agents with access to knowledge and the training needed to deliver customer experiences with compassion.

CX Orchestration

What are the best tools/platforms to enable my agents?

The best platforms are those that provide the scale and flexibility to fit the goals for customers, rather than having to force business processes to fit the technology. From Contact center and CRM to Employee Engagement and App Development, Avtex applies the right mix of solutions in a cohesive, integrated way to meet the expectations of modern employees and customers. Innovation and customer thinking are critical for our approach to building transformative experiences.


We rarely have an employee/agent that has been with the company so long that they know every scrap of data that would be relevant for a customer. Even if we did, there’s an ever-growing learning curve with the addition of new products, services, regulations, etc… There’s simply no way for one person to know enough to answer any customer inquiry. Today’s customer facing staff have way too many applications and processes required to access information in a meaningful way. We, as organizations, should take on the burden of enabling our employees to provide the high-quality interactions that customers deserve. That means thinking about integrated systems, doing reviews of workflows and gathering internal feedback from employees.

Give agents the tools for success with custom innovations and offerings from Avtex.

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