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Problem Crafting Personalized Experiences

CX Transformation

How do I add context to customer interactions?

Customer profiles are critical to building the understanding needed to contextualize interactions. The other key insight needed is where Avtex can help – understanding the right level of context to add to a given interaction. Customers have shown a greater appreciation for personalized engagements as the complexity of the product/service increases. Conversely, there’s less desire for highly personal interactions when dealing with commodities. Our CX team helps identify how to apply context to achieve an authentic personalized experience.

CX Orchestration

How do I personalize interactions in a digital world?

Real-time data updates in a core CRM are the baseline for creating personalized interactions. Information is constantly updating. For example, once someone opens a checking account, they don’t need to have all the details of opening a checking account presented to them. Today’s consumer leaves a digital fingerprint on everything with which they interact. It’s that context that is used to then further personalize the journey across digital channels. The goal is the same level of emotional connection to a brand achieved through face to face engagements.


The ultimate goal for brands is to make each customer feel like they are the only one that matters. Customers desire the same thing and will reward organizations that are successful with a bigger wallet share and more loyalty, resulting in better ROI. Personalization is a way to let customers know that they are cared about and valued, but it’s very hard to execute correctly and there’s a fine line between context and ‘creepy’. Organizations don’t have to show everything they know about a customer at each interaction. Bringing the right balance of personalized service that feels appropriate for the situation takes thoughtful application of data and an understanding of the ways that consumers interact with your organization.

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