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Trent Vance

Trent Vance

Senior Contact Center Consultant

How does what you do in your role impact CX for our clients?

There is a lot of confusion and ambiguity with regards to the data that is logged and in a certain database but not shown on a report. My role is to make sure customers have access to that data, to really tell the story with actionable insights because I can show you data all day long but if you don’t know what to do with it, it’s worthless. It’s my job to come in and explain the data to tell their story. As a consultant, there comes a point where I care more about what the customer needs, where they want to go, and how to get them there.

Tell me about a project and how you impacted it?

We have a client right now that is a bit larger in size and they have a lot of custom reports and scripts they are running to clarify the data. We did an onsite consulting engagement and took a look at what they’re doing and gave them a list of solutions that could help them clean up their process and make them more efficient. We also gave them a list of solutions that had a greater ROI for them in certain areas that might take a bit longer but will be extremely beneficial for them in the long term.

What do you find the most satisfying about your job?

In my world, I like to say there is winning and there is learning and all other things boil down to that. So I either win when I close a case or help a client or even all the way up to helping clients navigate rougher waters. The most rewarding thing is helping clients figure things out and fixing things when they aren’t working the way they should.