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Ronnie Jenkins

Ronnie Jenkins

Senior Project Manager, Enterprise

Ron joins Avtex with a recent history of freelance consulting where he managed programs and projects supporting public utilities IT, talent management, and broadband communications. The years previous he managed projects in Africa and the Philippines for a non-profit in the microfinance industry where both on-premise and cloud-based technologies were used to help people work their way out of poverty.

Ron began his career as a field engineer for the Trading Room Systems division of Reuters and eventually took on project management of implementations for many of the largest financial institutions in the world. Subsequently, he moved into consulting and project management for Computer Sciences Corporation in their Oracle ERP practice.

Ron resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado and enjoys hiking in the mountains, riding his e-Bike, and playing guitar in his local church band on Sundays. He and his wife, Sue have a daughter who lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with her husband. Ron is joining the DCX Project Management Office (PMO) helping us manage key projects as we continue to grow and expand in the enterprise space.

How did you find your way to Avtex?

I found Avtex on LinkedIn! I was doing consulting work through a private contract and my contract ran out, so I started looking for another place. As I was trying to apply the website wasn't working but, I had connected previously with a now co-worker and was connected with him on LinkedIn. So, I said “Hey, I see you're working for Avtex. Can you get this to the right people?” and I sent him my resume. That seemed to have worked because I got a callback and scheduled interviews and then I started here!

What are some of the tasks or responsibilities within your role that you really enjoy?

I'm a Project Manager so my role is to make sure that we stay on task, on schedule, and that we're doing the work within budget and within the scope that has been defined. I love meeting with people and trying to plan how we're going to bring value to their business. You get to look at how other companies operate and you see that every company has challenges and corners they've backed themselves into, that they're trying to get out of. I enjoy helping them get there.

How would you describe exceptional CX?

Exceptional CX is getting me to the right people to solve whatever problem I'm trying to solve, in the quickest way and giving me exactly what I need rather than what someone else wants to convince me I need. From my project manager perspective, it is to help clients collect the information they need to be able to communicate the value they hold for their customer’s needs.