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Jeannie Possis

Jeannie Possis

VP, Client Retention

How does what you do in your role impact Customer Experience for our clients?

I’m in a new role with Avtex. I am the VP of Client Retention and while right now we are focusing on renewals, eventually we are going to be looking at the big picture of our client's journey with Avtex end to end. With that responsibility, we will be coming in and making improvements so a client's journey is more effortless.

What does Customer Experience mean to you?

Customer Experience is really focusing on each of the interactions with our clients to make sure they are getting the most out of their relationship with us here at Avtex.

Why is Customer Experience a critical focus for our clients?

It’s the way the economy is going. Everyone says they do customer experience today, it’s the big word so everyone says they're in it. But I really believe that at Avtex we have the expertise to get a company to truly engage with customer experience.

What makes Avtex a place you would recommend to peers and colleagues?

It’s always the people. First, Avtex is great at providing flexibility for their employees but from there it’s the people. Every day I have people who go above and beyond to help their clients and teammates. Yesterday we put in a request to another team and we knew they were swamped but they stayed up late to get it done for us. That above and beyond has been here no matter how much change we go through. People roll with the changes and go above and beyond to make it work.