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Biplab Mandal

Biplab Mandal

Executive VP, Services & Strategy

As Group Vice President, Professional Services, Biplab leads the Digital Experience (DX) business at TTEC Digital focused on CX Digital Transformations and providing tools, technologies, and solutions to enable contact centers. DX comprises of Microsoft,, Analytics & Insights and Emerging Technologies such as Pega and Automation with footprints across NA, EMEA, India, Philippines and LATAM. Biplab has over 15 years of leadership, team building, transformation, technology, delivery, and global experience.

Biplab holds an MBA degree and is also a PROSCI certified Change Practitioner. He lives in Chanhassen, MN with his wife, two boys and their doodle Blaze. In his spare time, Biplab loves to travel, learn golf, and play chess with his boys. Biplab is an avid Vikings fan and a huge fantasy football enthusiast.

How would you describe exceptional customer experience?

I look at it in two ways. One, where we go above and beyond what is expected, exceed the goals that have been set, and most importantly establish lifelong customer relationships. So, it must be an experience that exceeds their expectations so much that it leaves an indelible mark in their mind about us and then the partnership extends beyond the MSAs and SOWs. The other aspect is looking at the benefit a customer receives, where they can enjoy and feel gratified by the tangible and intangible value Avtex provided to their organization and employees – to me this is very inspiring.

In what ways does your experience leading global teams impact your understanding of exceptional customer experience?

Having led multiple global teams, I am very fortunate to have been exposed to different cultures, values, languages, mindsets, customs, and ways of working. This has helped me learn the best practices of exceptional customer experience across North America, Europe, and Asia. It has also helped me empathize with different types of customer needs and wants. These experiences are invaluable and something textbooks will not teach us. Through leading global teams, I have learned to appreciate diverse thought processes, imbibe various soft skills, and empathize with different customer temperaments, which may not have happened when working in a regionally centric capacity. As Avtex expands to global teams I think the folks we hire in India will bring in a tremendous amount of different perspectives to the work we do, thereby elevating our ability to provide exceptional customer experiences.

What parts of your role at Avtex do you find yourself the most excited about?

I am a person who loves growth, innovation, problem-solving, strategies, and building new practices. At Avtex the part I am most excited about is the potential growth and the multiple hats I will get to wear. For example, I am involved in incubating our global delivery center in India that will help us create exceptional experiences for our customers by leveraging the talents and skillsets we bring through that. In parallel, I am leading an enterprise-ready North American DCX team and collaborating with our CBO and VP Sales to exponentially grow our business.

What is most exciting to you about the future of Avtex?

The most exciting thing about the future of Avtex is the geographic expansion and potential for being a globally leading CX organization. In my past experience, I've led and helped grow small practices into large multi-country global organizations. I think what I am excited about is the exponential growth of Avtex through creating exceptional experiences for our customers and employees and doing all of this profitably. That is phenomenal. The very thought of envisioning Avtex as a global organization working and rendering excellent CX experiences across multiple countries and not just the United States excites me a lot!