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Our People

Amol Gupta

Amol Gupta

Country Head and VP, Global Delivery Center

What brought you to Avtex?

I am fueled by the notion of creating something and scaling it up. Thus, when I learned Avtex was looking for someone to head-up their Global Delivery Center (GDC) in India, I got quite excited. I am very much looking forward to being a part of the global expansion for Avtex, a brand known for delivering exceptional experiences to their customers and staff. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to be in the forefront of the global integration and expansion for Avtex.

How to you plan to help Avtex deliver an exceptional customer experience?

As the Country Head and VP for the GDC, I plan to build a diverse, experienced workforce that offers a broader set of backgrounds, diversity and expertise, which will help Avtex deliver exceptional customer experience to customers and staff on a global scale.

What parts of your role at Avtex do you find yourself the most excited about?

I am excited for the opportunity to start contributing and setting things up and start creating something rather than trying to fit into a structure already in place. That's a wonderful thing from my perspective. And that is what excited me to come here.

What is most exciting to you about the future of Avtex?

To achieve exponential growth, organizations need to have a global presence. When eliminating geographical boundaries, an organization can gain unlimited access to job seekers who are equally as experienced, or in some cases more experienced, in delivering outcomes to enterprise scale customers. Additionally, companies who have a global presence seek out partners that have a multinational workforce, knowing they are better able to resonate with the experiences of their organization and customers. I am thrilled to see what possibilities are going to open up for Avtex as we get more integrated into the global market.