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Innovation Digital Front Door for Healthcare

Keeping up with accelerated digital transformation and heightened consumer expectations can be daunting, but Avtex alleviates the pressure. Avtex helps you respond to the digital mandate, and better serve your customers, by designing and building a Digital Front Door strategy that includes provider and payer solutions for virtual access and care, mobile applications, marketing channels, portal solutions, and other digital properties.

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What is a Digital Front Door?

A modern, digital-first approach to consumer interaction, offering individuals easy access to their care and coverage needs when and how they want, and on their device of choice.

A strategy for engaging healthcare consumers at every major touchpoint within the healthcare journey, putting individuals at the center of their healthcare experience.

A digitally optimized ecosystem for patients and members to quickly and easily get access to the information, support, and care they need.

Integration and optimization of data, technologies, and journeys to offer more ease, convenience, and accessibility throughout the entire healthcare experience.

Digital Front Door Organizational Benefits

  • Consumers: Improves acquisition, engagement, retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.
  • Employees: Supports increased productivity, operational efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • Financials: Reduces costs through digital integration and operational efficiencies, and drives revenue growth through increased consumer acquisition and retention.
  • KPIs: Elevates consumer perceptions of their healthcare experience, improving NPS, HCAHPS, Customer Experience Index (CXI), and other experience-related scores and ratings.
  • Trends: Adapts to evolving consumer expectations, industry needs, and threats from traditional and non-traditional competitors.
  • Interactions: Ensures a consistent, frictionless healthcare experience​ across all channels and touchpoints, from the first interaction to the last.
  • Operations: Enhances cross-departmental support of experience delivery goals, operations, and strategies.
  • Outcomes: Improves consumer and partner relations, as well as health outcomes.

Digital Front Door Consumer Benefits

  • Puts consumers' needs first and foremost and places them in charge of their healthcare experience.
  • Makes it easier for consumers to manage their needs through self-service, on-demand access to information, support, and care.
  • Optimizes digital capabilities across all interactions and touchpoints.
  • Reduces friction and strengthens experiences throughout the entire healthcare journey, from finding a provider or plan, to addressing coverage or care needs, to paying for care.
  • Personalizes care, interactions, and support to increase patient or member relevance, value, and health outcomes.
  • Improves consumer satisfaction through better meeting their modern, digitally enhanced experience expectations.
  • Enhances clarity and transparency of services, care, costs, and outcomes.

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Avtex Can Help Build Your Digital Front Door

With nearly 50 years of CX expertise, and cutting-edge innovations, Avtex has transformed patient and member experiences for hundreds of healthcare organizations. ​Avtex can help you build a Digital Front Door healthcare experience strategy that:

  • Transforms interactions into exceptional experiences
  • Builds memorable journeys across all touchpoints
  • Personalizes experiences and drives results
  • Converts prospects into loyalists
  • Reduces friction for consumers and staff

Get ready to deliver a "wow" Digital Front Door healthcare experience!