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We’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients active in a number of complex industries. This experience allows us to help you create a truly effective customer experience, regardless of your industry.

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Competition is fierce, consumer expectations are at an all-time high, and the experience economy is here. Today, a retailer’s most critical competitive advantage is the experience they deliver. By combining our cutting edge, end-to-end CX design and orchestration services, with our deep industry expertise, Avtex helps retailers transform customer experiences, wow their customers, and differentiate their brand.

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Chipotle Avtex Case Study Image

Chipotle Partners with Avtex to Strengthen Customer Relationships and Drive Loyalty

Delivering a brand experience that consistently drives customer loyalty and sales is a logistical challenge faced by even the most successful organizations. Chipotle, a trailblazer in the food industry and pioneer in fast-casual restaurant experience, is no exception. Chipotle seeks to deliver brand loyalty through developing and nurturing strong relationships with their customers. Chipotle turned to Avtex to build a solution that would capture and analyze more comprehensive customer information and insights, to empower a more meaningful and personalized customer experience with every individual engaging with their brand.


Healthcare organizations are facing a shifting industry paradigm. Disruption to business models, the rise of virtual care, siloed data, competition from retail brands, and heightened patient expectations are just a few of the pressures payers and providers are navigating day in and day out. Healthcare is complex, but Avtex helps you simplify. By combining our healthcare industry expertise with our cutting edge, end-to-end design and orchestration services, Avtex helps you fuel exceptional healthcare experiences - so you can focus on saving lives.

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A doctor and a patient looking at a sheet of paper

Avtex Helps Language Access Network Connect Patients with Trained Interpreters

Language Access Network connects patients and medical providers with interpreters fluent in more than 210 languages. To better its customers, LAN needed a mobile video-streaming application that can be accessed by patients and medical providers quickly and easily.

Financial Services

The nature of financial services is one that is highly personal. As a result, the interactions with customers has traditionally been one of face-to-face interactions. Digital access to funds, banking and resources presents unique challenges to this industry as institutions work to maintain the same level of personalization in a new landscape with disparate generations of customers.

Related Case Study

two people looking at a computer

Avtex Helps AllRegs Create a New Application to Support Customers

AllRegs provides research and reference and analytical services to mortgage professionals from its extensive content library which spans every aspect of the mortgage industry. Customers subscribe to these services to gain access to a suite of specialized web applications. One of these applications, Market Clarity, began to experience reliability and performance issues.

Credit Unions

From fraud fighting and data security to integrating with fintech and biometrics, Credit Unions have a unique set of challenges to create superior experiences that will grow their member value and assets. Avtex has helped hundreds of Credit Unions across the U.S. define a roadmap for addressing the key areas members care about and realize successful technology applications to meet growing expectations.

Related Case Study

Neighborhood credit union feature

Avtex Helps Neighborhood Credit Union Implement New Contact Center Solution

Neighborhood Credit Union relies heavily on its contact center to support members throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Unfortunately, issues with their old contact center solution, including a lack of timely updates, limited functionality and increasing prices, made delivering quality member interactions difficult.

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