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Your contact center agents are on the frontline. Empowering them to do their jobs more efficiently allows them to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers. OneView provides contact center agents with a unified view of Genesys Cloud interactions within Salesforce, fueling exceptional customer experiences consistently with speed and quality.


Fuel Exceptional Customer Experiences with Speed and Quality

Agent experience is inextricably linked with customer experience – you can’t have one without the other. When your agents are empowered with the right tools, resources, and information they are more likely to deliver rich experiences to your customers.

OneView is different from traditional softphones that require agents to use a separate window in or beside Salesforce. Instead, OneView provides a streamlined interface within Salesforce, saving agents time and automating routine actions.

OneView helps increase interaction quality by enabling agents to focus on customers and by providing process guidance. And it can help business teams improve operational performance by giving them access to more data for decision making. It also reduces the time needed to on-board agents.

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The Power of OneView

Save Agents Time Icon

Save Agents Time

OneView’s streamlined interface within Salesforce saves agents time through faster application navigation and automates routine actions by reducing keystrokes and mouse movements.
Increase Interaction Quality Icon

Increase Interaction Quality

Give your agents the power to focus more on customers through better process guidance and more efficient tools to keep them less distracted and more attentive to customer needs.
Optimize Operations Performance Icon

Optimize Operations Performance

Access more data and create more reports and dashboards for better management insights and decision making. Plus, provide simpler training through embedded design and workflows.
Faster Agent Onboarding Icon

Faster Agent Onboarding

The unified interface that looks and feels like Salesforce enables contact centers to reduce agent training time in learning interfaces and business processes.
Higher Agent Satisfaction Icon

Higher Agent Satisfaction

Improve agent satisfaction by enabling them with a tool that lays everything out in front of them, so they don’t have to switch pages to help clients.
Better Customer Experiences Icon

Better Customer Experiences

Higher agent satisfaction means better customer experiences. OneView automates contact center processes, so agents can focus on helping their customers.

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Key Features of OneView

Embedded Interaction Controls

All interaction controls are embedded in Salesforce views so you can eliminate windows

Populate and Create Salesforce Objects

Automatically uses data from calls to pop customer’s account or create a new one

Integrates with Salesforce Process Automation

Integrates with Salesforce process automation allowing the client to design processes that include Genesys Cloud interactions

Option to Use Salesforce Digital Channels

Option to use Genesys Voice with Salesforce digital channels like chat, cases, and social

Interaction Data for Use in Salesforce of Genesys Cloud

Comprehensive data is available to create new reports and dashboards with Genesys Cloud or Salesforce, or blend with existing ones

Workflows and Automation Designed in Salesforce Flow

Software that Salesforce developers and administrators are already familiar with.

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