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Element InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud

To fuel exceptional experiences, your contact center agents need a holistic, unified view of omnichannel customer interactions. InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud offers exactly that, enabling your agents to quickly, efficiently, and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud

The Strength of Your Contact Center Meets the Breadth of Your CRM

Implementing a holistic customer experience strategy means unifying and integrating your important systems like your CRM and your contact center.

InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud provides contact center agents with a unified view of Genesys Cloud omnichannel interactions within Microsoft Dynamics 365, fueling exceptional customer experiences consistently with speed and quality.

Save your agents a significant amount of time by enabling them to navigate faster and use fewer keystrokes to access customer information. Plus, intelligent screen pops and automatic creation of Dynamics 365 Activities saves your agents even more time.

Your agents no longer have to navigate multiple disparate systems, instead they have a unified system allowing them to efficiently do their jobs and focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

This simple, intuitive solution also helps your team increase their operational performance by providing access to more data for management decision making and enables faster agent onboarding.

The Power of InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud

Improve Agent Efficiency Icon

Improve Agent Efficiency

Automate routine actions and provide faster navigation and fewer keystrokes for your agents. InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud is proven to save a minimum of 30 seconds on every 300 second call your agent takes.
Enhance Interactions Icon

Enhance Interactions

The 360-degree view of all your interactions gives your agents the power to focus less on mundane tasks, and more on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.
Optimize Operations Icon

Optimize Operations

Easily access more data, onboard your agents faster, and enjoy a unified view of your interactions to help deliver consistent experiences across all channels.

Key Features of InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud

Embedded Interface within Dynamics 365 View

Built upon an embedded Genesys Cloud softphone within Dynamics 365 Unified Interface or Web Interface

Supports Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace

Supports the new Dynamics Customer Service UI for increasing agent productivity for core customer service, with the ability to work on multiple sessions at a time in a single workspace experience

Automatically Populates or Pre-Fills Values in Dynamics Entities

Screen pop is a mechanism that opens a specific page in Dynamics automatically, based on information that already exists or is attached to an incoming interaction

Supports Genesys Cloud Omnichannel Interactions

Supports Genesys Cloud omnichannel interactions such as inbound and outbound voice, call back, email, chat, SMS and social

Interaction Data Available within Genesys Cloud & Dynamics 365

Interaction data from the Genesys softphone is available for use within Genesys Cloud and interaction information that is stored in Activities can be used within Dynamics 365

Automatically Creates Dynamics 365 Activities

Logs each interaction made to and from Genesys Cloud as an activity in Dynamics. These activities can then be associated with Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Cases, etc.

Ready to see the benefits of InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud?