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Element Insights for Genesys Cloud

Identifying the right contact center KPIs for your business can be difficult, but what’s often even more complex is extracting the right analytics to measure and monitor those KPIs. Avtex Insights for Genesys Cloud provides an easy way to extract, transform, and store data from Genesys Cloud into a more friendly database, giving you the power to focus on analyzing the data vs. gathering it.

Insights for Genesys Cloud

Deliver Actionable Insights to Your Entire Organization

Avtex Insights for Genesys Cloud enables contact center teams and other lines of business to drive key metrics by increasing contact center data visibility and reducing time and effort.

Easily deploy pre-built BI Reports for Queue and Agent Performance, DNIS Reporting, Architect Flows, Routing and Presence Information, Evaluations and Surveys, and Wrap-Up Codes in your Power BI Environment or as a reference. Plus, you can effortlessly customize or extend our templates and Power BI model for your unique business needs.

The Power of Insights for Genesys Cloud

Reduce Time and Effort Icon

Reduce Time and Effort

Avtex Insights provides fast time to value, minimizes agent onboarding and training time, and provides infrastructure support so you can get up and running in a breeze.
Increase Contact Center Data Visibility Icon

Increase Contact Center Data Visibility

Easily create your own reports or dashboards to improve overall contact center performance and give important stakeholders visibility into the data.
Drive Key Metrics Icon

Drive Key Metrics

Improve overall performance, lower operating costs, and increase agent and customer satisfaction with powerful insights.

Key Features of Insights for Genesys Cloud

BI Tools Compatibility

Compatible with Modern BI Tools so you can bring your own BI approach

Simplify Data Management

Simplified synchronization, processing, and storage of Genesys Cloud operations data

Direct Data Access

Allows queries to be written and reports to be created directly against the database

Flexible Data Synchronization

Configurable data synchronization 1 time or 4 times per day

Integrate with Other Apps

Allows data to be integrated with other departmental or enterprise applications

Out-of-the-box Dashboards

Provides pre-built reports and dashboards and the ability to create new reports on top of the templates

Ready to optimize your contact center with Insights for Genesys Cloud?