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Element Calabrio ONE Connector

Companies that consistently deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences know that these experiences rely on effective quality management. Improve customer experiences, enhance employee engagement, increase compliance, and drive operational efficiency with the Calabrio ONE Connector, a solution that enables contact centers to leverage the power of Calabrio ONE for Genesys Cloud voice interactions.

Calabrio ONE Connector

Better Experiences for Everyone

The Calabrio ONE Connector drives better customer and employee experiences by enabling contact centers to leverage the power of Calabrio ONE for Genesys Cloud voice interactions.

This cloud-based solution delivers Genesys Cloud call recording and associated data files into Calabrio ONE Cloud. In turn, clients can analyze the files using Calabrio ONE Quality Management, Analytics, and Advanced Reporting. Let the voice of the customer lead the way to consistent, outstanding customer experiences.

The Power of Calabrio ONE Connector

Enhance Experiences

Leverage sophisticated Calabrio ONE Evaluation, Reporting, and Analytics tools to improve the customer experience, while enabling your employees with timely feedback loops and self-evaluation to improve employee experience.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Easily monitor business progress and identify areas for improvement with Calabrio ONE Connector.

Increase Compliance

Quickly identify non-compliance situations and ensure corporate standards are consistently met.

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Key Features of Calabrio ONE Connector

Voice Recording Integration

Seamlessly transfers recorded voice calls and important data like Conversion ID, Hold Events, and Multiple Agent Segments from Genesys Cloud to Calabrio ONE for inbound and outbound interactions

Agent Data Synchronization

Calabrio ONE Connector synchronizes Genesys Cloud users with Calabrio ONE to reduce manual entry and to ensure recordings can be linked to the proper agents in Calabrio ONE

Utilize Calabrio ONE Features

Use recordings within Calabrio ONE Quality Management, Analysis, and Advanced Reporting applications

Configuration Utility

Easy-to-use configuration utility to setup and change the application for any environment

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running in days and ensure all pre-requisites have been met in Genesys Cloud and Calabrio ONE

Single Sign-On

Agents are only required to sign on to Genesys Cloud. The Calabrio ONE Connector automatically does the rest.

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