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Case Study Nationwide

Nationwide Utilizes Avtex's WFM Adapter for Genesys Cloud to Maximize WFM Performance in New Cloud Environment

The Solution

In this case, Avtex already had an existing WFM adapter that Nationwide could use to reduce its initial deployment time down to just a few hours. From there, Avtex worked on building new capabilities to provide the ability to quickly configure thousands of reporting combinations and create valuable process and call routing efficiencies.

We were kind of dead in the water when we realized we couldn't bring our contact center into WFM. So, we were faced with finding a solution that could quickly and comprehensively do this for us or settle for tackling spreadsheets by hand to accommodate our complex skill-based reporting rules.
Kelly Manne Software Engineer Specialist, Nationwide

Now, Nationwide is beginning to see the full potential of WFM on contact center performance. The business units deployed in the cloud are better able to assess the peaks and valleys of their contact volume and are passing on those insights to agents—allowing more than 1,000 contact center leaders and associates to plan for their workloads and take control of their own schedules.

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