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Case Study Leatherman

The Solution

To begin the transformation, Avtex helped Leatherman create a visual representation of existing customer journeys. These journeys enabled the integration team to see the individual experiences customers had with the brand and helped inform a higher-level understanding of their pain points along the way. From there, the team set to work on deploying a Dynamics 365 solution that would better facilitate these journeys and connect them to personalized marketing messages across channels, including the brand's email marketing program.

While retail channels remain an important part of a winning strategy, customers increasingly seek out direct relationships with the brands they trust. With this in mind, strengthening our D2C (direct-to-consumer) channel was an important way we could continue to meet our customers' needs long term.
Liz Lee, IT Director | Leatherman

Dynamics 365 currently helps Leatherman manage 350,000 marketing contacts as they continue to use data to streamline their customer experience. These profiles and contacts are being used to support Leatherman's robust email marketing program, which delivers significant revenue for the brand's e-commerce business.

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