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Case Study Strategic Wave

Avtex Creates Custom Solution to Help Strategic Wave Track Assets in Real-Time

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The Solution

Avtex helped Strategic Wave create a customized web application to replace its old customer access solution. The new application provides customers with mobile access to real-time information regarding asset location and status. The newly minted solution was designed to integrate smoothly with the most recent applications on the market, allowing Avtex to structure the solutions architecture to streamline the input and output of key customer data. Once the new application was in place, Strategic Wave’s existing data was carefully cleaned and organized, then migrated into the new system.

Avtex has helped us build a foundation for everything we want to do in the future, including taking advantage of business analysis, intelligence and reporting tools. We would never have had that option without the help of the Avtex team.
Jim Harris, Managing Director at Strategic Wave

Since implementing the new customer access solution, Strategic Wave has noticed a marked improvement in customer experience, and streamlined interactions. The new solution’s extensive information tracking capabilities allow customers to find key data quickly and easily. The application’s detailed reporting functions make it possible for customers to examine trends in shipping times and costs – this data is key to future planning efforts, as well as the identification of weaknesses within the organizations logistical procedures and policies.

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