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I just loaded my system with the RTM version of Windows 8 and had 3 specific tips to make using CRM 2011 easier on this new OS (at least while using your system in a non-touch mode).

1) Use the Internet Explorer version from your desktop instead of the Internet Explorer App. It gives you the ability to put sites into compatibility mode, which will be covered in tip #2.

Screenshot: Internet Explorer App Do Not Use

2) Make sure to put your URL for your CRM instance (* works well if you're using CRM Online) in the list of sites to run in compatibility mode. For the time being, if you try to run in full IE10 mode, you'll struggle with populating lookup fields and customizing the system. To do this, when looking at the main IE window, you'll need to make sure either the Menu Bar or Command Bar is showing. If neither are, right click just above the URL and check the box next to one or the other. I'll use the Menu Bar for the pictures. Click on Tools, then Compatibility View Settings. Add your CRM website(s) to the list and click Close. Shut down all your browser windows. When you bring them back up, CRM will work as you expect it to!

Screenshot IE Menu Bar 300x152
Screenshot: IE Compatibility View Settings
Screenshot: IE Compatibility View Settings 268x300

3) To get the Outlook client to connect to your organization after it's loaded, you first have to enable Windows Identity Foundation 3.5. It's included in Windows 8, but is turned off by default when you initially load it. To do this, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows features on or off, then scroll down and check the box, hitting OK once you've done so. After this is loaded, the Outlook client will successfully connect to your CRM server. Of course, I also recommend updating the client to the latest update rollup for optimal functionality (currently UR10).

Screenshot: Windows Features 300x165
Screenshot: Windows Features-2 204x300

For those of you who are using CRM on premises, updating your server to Update Rollup 10 will make CRM render in IE10's compatibility mode with many visual cues enhanced to make the user experience better also. It will still function using previous rollups, but thinks like scroll bar sliders will be almost impossible to see. Note the before and after difference below. It's subtle, but very helpful.

Screenshot: Update Rollup 10

Enjoy Windows 8 and using CRM in it!