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The Avtex Client Lifecycle - Taking a 360 Degree Approach to CX Transformation

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We all have at least one entertaining story to tell about a customer experience that took a turn toward the unexpected. Sometimes, we’re surprised and delighted by the way a brand goes above and beyond to serve. In other cases, we have experiences so poor that they cause frustration or customer churn.

In any case, the brands that take the time to optimize and prioritize the customer experience (CX) are the ones that win in the eyes of the consumer. In today’s experience economy, consumers compare every experience to the last best experience they had with any company – regardless of products sold or services offered.

Sometimes, CX challenges are solved by a few sensible strategic shifts. In other cases, a total CX transformation might be necessary. No matter where they are at in their CX maturity, brands continue to turn to Avtex for end-to-end CX solutions that transform the way customers perceive them.

A key to CX transformation is first understanding how to take a holistic approach - even when issues seem to be acute or siloed. At Avtex, our unique approach to CX transformation rests at the nexus of CX design and orchestration – and our client success approach centers around our client lifecycle methodology and our world-class client success managers. We’re with you through every step of your CX transformation journey.

What is a Client Lifecycle?

Put simply, a client lifecycle encompasses every interaction a customer has with your brand. A client enters the first stage when they become aware of your brand. From there, it continues into your efforts to attract, engage, win, and retain that client.

Whether you’ve worked to strategically map and define your own client lifecycle or not, your customers still walk through it. When you’re intentional about each phase, both your team and your customers will notice the difference.

At Avtex, we’ve created a comprehensive client lifecycle that serves as more than just a guide - it’s an essential part of our client success methodology that addresses the way we handle every interaction in every journey. We’ve designed the client lifecycle approach to ensure we’re laser focused on our clients’ outcome goals. We consistently deliver an exceptional client experience while staying on a disciplined and prescriptive path to value. For every step of the client lifecycle, you will be guided by a dedicated Client Success Manager.

What is a Client Success Manager (CSM)?

A Client Success Manager is a trusted advisor throughout the entire duration of your partnership with Avtex. They will be with you through every step of your CX transformation journey to ensure you’re achieving your goals and driving business value.

Our CSMs serve as thought leaders and bring deep product, domain, and industry experience to help you identify the right CX solutions for your unique business challenges. They will translate your success criteria and KPIs into success programs to ensure you optimize your Avtex investment, drive adoption, and build best practices. Our CSMs orchestrate our client lifecycle methodology and will be with you through every step of your journey.

Overview of the Avtex Client Lifecycle

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The Avtex client lifecycle consists of four phases. Throughout each, our goal is to provide unparalleled business value to our clients. Each phase has been meticulously designed to give our Client Success Managers the ability to guide clients through a value creating process that accounts for every part of their journey. Here’s the journey you can expect to undergo when you become an Avtex client:


The first phase of our client lifecycle consists of everything between your initial awareness of Avtex to the moment you engage with us to transform your CX. During the Engage phase, we will document your goals and personalize solutions for the specific challenges you are experiencing or the transformation you are seeking. After you’ve entered into an agreement to work with us, you’ll move into the second phase of the Avtex client lifecycle.

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This stage consists of everything from onboarding to seeing you through your project efforts to a successful go-live. During this phase, we enable our clients with the solutions to deliver on the business outcome goals we set together. We will focus on designing an experience that is unique for your business and meets the demands of your end customers. You’ll know what to expect as we implement and deploy key technologies to support the design. At the end of this phase, your CX solution will be live and we will move into the third phase of the Avtex client lifecycle.

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In this phase, you’ll realize the full business value of our CX solutions. Your Client Success Manager and our team of experts will help guide you through adoption and utilization of your solutions to ensure you are achieving the outcome goals we established during the Engage phase. Like the other phases in the Avtex client lifecycle, your Client Success Manager will work closely with you to serve as your guide throughout the process. The Client Success Manager is equipped with the lifecycle tools, templates, checklists, comprehensive playbooks, and other resources to ensure that you achieve your outcome goals.

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In the final phase of the Avtex client lifecycle, your Client Success Manager will work with you to ensure you are realizing the full value of Avtex solutions and services and guide you through our E360 approach. At this point, we will be sure we’re working with you to optimize your results and address any new challenges you may be experiencing. We will always be sure you’re aware of the latest CX solutions, best practices, and innovations that could help your organization. From here, the lifecycle process can begin again and we can engage in another CX transformation journey with you.

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Experience 360 – Our Unique Approach to CX Transformation

Customer Experience transformation is in our DNA.​ We combine Design and Orchestration throughout our business, and in every solution we deliver, to ensure success and empower experiences.​

Transforming CX necessitates a bird’s eye view of the entire process and how every task is integrated. At Avtex, we’ve developed an innovative approach to CX called Experience 360. E360 is our way of fueling exceptional customer experiences consistently.

When it comes to CX, seemingly isolated tasks are actually interrelated and connected. Experience 360 allows us to make those connections, understanding the impact each task has on employees, customers, and your brand.

E360 starts with research and vision-casting, working with intelligence and insights to inform the way we engage with employees and customers. Finally, we develop the innovative solutions that make it all possible.

Clients who have Seen Success through CX Transformation


Driving customer loyalty and sales threatens to be a logistical nightmare - even for established brands with a reputation for excellence. Avtex helped Chipotle build systems and processes that helped them to translate data into actionable insights on their customers and segments. Learn more about how Avtex partnered with Chipotle to drive transformation.


Schwan’s Home Delivery has been an industry leader for over 70 years. But ongoing changes in customer expectations and an evolving organization created challenges in fulfilling the high standard for customer experience that Schwan’s has set. Avtex worked with Schwan’s to develop a working understanding of the state of the present customer experience and an actionable plan for transforming it. Read more about our partnership with Schwan’s.

Gesa Credit Union

When Inspirus and Gesa credit union merged, it became essential to develop a brand new, joint experience for the two distinct membership groups. Gesa took a proactive approach, enlisting Avtex to map out existing customer journeys for each group, helping to determine the path forward to create a new, integrated journey. Learn more about our work with Gesa.

Gesa Credit Union

Ready to Partner with Avtex for CX Transformation?

At Avtex, we don’t just talk about client success, we live it. We deploy a disciplined client lifecycle approach that’s 100% focused on our clients’ outcomes. We add consultative value and help you deliver optimized experiences. Your goals are our goals, and our team of CX experts are ready to serve you through every phase of the Avtex Client Lifecycle.

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