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When was the last time you were truly delighted with your customer experience? Perhaps your online grocery order was ready the second you pulled into the parking lot. Or an in-store employee took the time to understand your needs—like your search for a specific pancake mix to make breakfast extra delicious. Maybe it was the thoughtful nature of the cashier who delivered much more than you imagined.

Whatever the situation, your last best experience solidified the fact that you’d return as a happy repeat customer. It sounds overly simple, but it’s true: companies that take care of the big and little things with ease are more likely to build a strong customer base full of loyal fans.

For Aaron Mosby, Director of Federal Business Development at Avtex, Brooks Brothers provided just such an experience when he visited a store to shop for a new wedding outfit at the last minute.

What Happened During Aaron’s Experience with Brooks Brothers?

Aaron visited Brooks Brothers, a company well-known for its stylish formalwear, in preparation for an upcoming wedding. He was on the hunt for a new shirt to complete his ensemble but wasn’t sure where to start. He thought he knew his shirt size and had pinpointed what style he wanted. A helpful sales associate quickly stepped in to help Aaron with his size, style, and more.

The sales associate first whipped out his tape measure to double check Aaron’s size. While the original size would’ve fit, the associate recommended Aaron size up to be comfortable throughout the entire wedding. The associate returned with a stack of all the shirts the store had in that size, a welcome sight since Aaron only had a few days before the celebration.

There were a few pieces of clothing in the stack that Aaron would not have picked out himself. But after the expert styling by the associate, Aaron saw the clothing in a new light. He walked out with three polished shirts and two snazzy ties for his wardrobe—not to mention a fun, new look that was sure to wow the other guests at the wedding.

When was the last time you were wowed by a company?

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What Made This Experience Stand Out?

The short window Aaron had to find the perfect fit, combined with some supply chain issues for Brooks Brothers, could’ve led to an unfulfilling experience. Customers might breeze in and out of any major retailer with a shirt they think is their size without ever interacting with a sales associate.

Rather than immediately getting the size Aaron asked for, the sales associate took the time to double check Aaron’s size before selecting items of clothing. It was clear from the beginning that the associate wasn’t just trying to make a sale, but really wanted to make sure Aaron looked and felt his best.

Throughout his visit to the store, Aaron wasn’t left to his own devices. He didn’t wander around the store, select a shirt, and leave without assistance, hoping he had the right size and style. The Brooks Brothers sales associate made sure Aaron looked great and left happy with more than one option for the wedding that weekend.

How Consistency Builds Brand Loyalty

Brooks Brothers delivered the same great customer service and attention to detail that Aaron expected from his trip their store. He knew that he could get a quality dress shirt for his event at Brooks Brothers. He also knew the employees would help him with the decision, leading to an excellent customer experience every step of the way.

Aaron wasn’t treated as a number at Brooks Brothers. His time in the store was customized to his specific needs, and his sizing was reflected in the most up-to-date measurements taken by the associate onsite.

Providing a consistent personalized experience isn’t only for brick-and-mortar stores. In the digital landscape, delivering a personalized customer experience every time is worthy of celebration, and brings repeat customers. 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. Why wouldn’t you want to enhance the experience customers have with your brand with a number like that?

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