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Intelligent CRM – The Latest Evolution in Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management solutions have long been a vital tool in the development and delivery of Customer Experience strategies and individual interactions. Much like customer expectations, CRM platforms are ever-evolving and become more complex and dynamic each day.

This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s CRM – Or Even Your Father’s

Once upon a time, CRM solutions had one focus – to track, record and report information relating to your organization’s relationship with individual customers. In many cases, past CRM solutions were little more than a data entry and access interface – agents entered information as it was acquired, then accessed it later.

Today’s CRM solutions are capable of much more than simple data entry and reporting. In fact, the modern CRM solution is often capable of:

  • Predicting the future
  • Thinking for itself
  • Delivering data to agents in real time across the globe
  • Proactively leveraging data to deliver personalized experiences to customers
  • Generating highly detailed reports on individual customers or specific customer groups
  • Automating standard processes, including data entry and reporting

The rapidly advancing nature of the CRM industry offers much excitement for those tasked with managing customer relationships and Customer Experience programs.

What is Intelligent CRM?

Intelligent CRM is simply a term describing the robust, feature-rich solutions available within the CRM industry today. The term differentiates the dynamic solutions offered today from the outdated solutions of the past.

Image: Intelligent CRM Description

Why is Intelligent CRM important?

Intelligent CRM offers many impactful benefits to your organization, your customers and your employers. By implementing and leveraging an Intelligent CRM solution, you can improve:

  • Customer experiences: The more information your agents have, and the better the quality of that information, the more able they are to provide excellent experiences to your customers. Intelligent CRM gathers information from a myriad of sources to create a more holistic view of the customer, which allows agents to deliver upon your organization’s CX goals.
  • Customer empowerment: Employees are not the only ones benefitting from intelligent CRM platforms. In many cases, these platforms support customer empowerment tools, such as chatbots, account access portals or user forums. Empowering customers allows them to resolve issues without the assistance of an agent and helps to create deeper relationships.
  • Employee access to data: Your employees require access to customer data from around the globe, at any time during the day. Providing dynamic access to this data was once a challenge – today’s CRM solutions offer such access quickly and easily. Many CRM solution providers even offer mobile applications to give agents access to customer data in the field.
  • Workflow: By integrating seamlessly with other mission-critical systems, such as your contact center solution, today’s CRM platforms streamline workflow and dramatically improve employee and customer experiences. Effective cross-platform integration eliminates redundant tasks, clicks and active windows, and makes it easier to access crucial data from outside the CRM system itself.
  • Reporting: Many of today’s CRM solutions place an emphasis on reporting. Creating rich, customized reports is often as easy as a few clicks, making it easier to gain greater insights into your current customer base and prospect pool.

Alone, one of these benefits can positively impact your bottom line – together, these benefits can completely transform the way you do business.

Avtex can help you create a CRM environment capable of meeting these lofty goals.

Transforming a legacy solution into a truly intelligent CRM ecosystem can be difficult. However, with the right strategy and guidance, seizing the benefits of intelligent CRM is certainly possible. If you are interested in seizing the full benefits offered by today’s CRM solutions, Avtex can help.

Contact us to discuss your specific CRM goals, or schedule a CRM assessment for insight into your current CRM environment.