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Every time a customer calls your organization they have burning, often time-sensitive questions or problems they need your help with. Your agents are at the frontline of your organization fielding these requests and they need to be empowered to respond to your customers efficiently and effectively.

Most organizations enable their agents with technology solutions like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and contact center software to help them identify customers, see historical information, and field their questions. But far too often, these technology solutions are siloed and force agents to jump from platform to platform, while navigating multiple windows.

What are agent desktops and how can they help my organization?

Agent desktops provide an integration point between your CRM and your contact center software, so your agents have all the tools they need to interact with and serve your customers in one, unified view.

An agent desktop provides agents with both the interaction tools provided in a contact center platform, and access to the customer record data that resides in your CRM. That means your agents have all the interaction controls they need to serve your customers at every touchpoint through chat, email, sms, and other channels, while easily viewing important information about the customer they are helping – and it’s all in one intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Think of it this way, when was the last time you called your financial institution to speak to a representative? How was the experience? Did they ask you to repeat your account number multiple times? When they transferred your call did you have to explain why you were calling over and over? With the right desktops, repetition is avoided, information is seamlessly recorded, and your agents are freed up to focus on listening to your customers, understanding their issues, and quickly and efficiently solving them.

If your organization doesn’t have a truly integrated desktop that provides call controls and customer record information at your agents’ fingertips, you will likely experience distracted agents, long wait times, and inaccurate data, ultimately leading to poor experiences for customers. Integrated and unified agent desktops allow your agents to shift their attention from navigating systems to listening intently to your customers and fostering frictionless experiences. Agent desktops offer a myriad of additional benefits including:

  • Save agents time through faster application navigation and automation of routine actions
  • Optimize operational performance by improving agent efficiency, lowering costs of service, and giving agents access to more information
  • Improve agent satisfaction by enabling them with a unified view that makes actions faster and requires less steps to access the information they need
  • Increase interaction quality by giving your agents the power to focus more on customers through better process guidance and more efficient tools
  • Improve agent onboarding with a unified interface that reduces agent training time in learning interfaces and business processes


The average reduction in hold times for organizations who deploy an integrated and unified agent desktop.

Why an agent desktop is an essential element of a unified solution

When many organizations identify the need for new technology solutions like a CRM or a contact center platform, they invest a lot of time and due diligence vetting their options, conducting comparative research, and even referencing analyst reports before making their decisions. They’ll take their time making their CRM or contact center platform decisions, but the integration point connecting those systems becomes a bit of an afterthought.

Your agents need the ability to interact with your customers while accessing the customer record data in your CRM – if you neglect the middle piece of that equation, you create a fragmented experience. Your solution can only be as strong as your weakest link. The connection point is essential to creating powerful agent experiences, and in turn, excellent customer experiences.

The key features of a strong agent desktop

Agent experience is inextricably linked with customer experience, you can’t have one without the other. When your agents are enabled with the right tools, resources, and information, they are that much more likely to deliver rich experiences to your customers. Here’s what your desktops need to include to give your agents the best possible experience:


The system needs to automate as many routine actions as possible, and automatically populate relevant information, so the burden does not fall on your agents’ shoulders.


Your agent desktop should provide a unified view of your CRM and contact center platforms on a single screen, so agents don’t have to consistently switch windows or screens.


The solution should provide an ability to report on how your agents interact with customers across both systems to give you a complete, 360-degree picture.

Multi-Channel Interaction Controls

Controls agents use to interact with customers across channels including chat, email, phone calls, and others should all be easy and intuitive for your agents to use to interact with your customers.

Customer Record Data

Information about the customer should be complete and consistent.

Fuel Exceptional Experiences with Agent Desktops from Avtex

Our agent desktops are designed to give your agents the fastest, most reliable ways to solve your customers’ problems. Our agent desktops display interaction controls and customer record information side-by-side to give your agents a unified, holistic view.

Avtex has deep knowledge of Genesys, Salesforce, and Microsoft technologies and is the premier desktop provider for the Genesys Cloud and Genesys Engage products. Our experts know these platforms inside and out and have deployed solutions for hundreds of clients with thousands of seats. Our agent desktops include:


Provides contact center agents with a unified view of Genesys Cloud interactions within Salesforce, allowing them to fuel exceptional customer experiences consistently with speed and quality

CIMplicity CTI Connector for Genesys

Simplifies the agent environment by providing a unified view of Genesys Engage Premises interactions within Salesforce and other CRM systems

InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud

Enables your agents to quickly, efficiently, and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences with a unified view of omnichannel customer interactions across Genesys Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics.

When your contact center agents are empowered with the best tools in the market, they transform from contact center agents into true agents of experience and brand ambassadors for your organization. The more empowered they are to do their jobs, the more satisfied they will be day in and day out, and the more outcomes they will drive for your organization’s bottom line.

Ready to propel your organization forward? Our Elements are designed to help you fuel exceptional customer experiences.

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