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7 Transformative Avtex Elements for Genesys Clients_Avtex Blog Share Image

The best CX strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs of your customers and your business. It’s important to remember that those strategies are not static. Today’s experience economy is driven by constantly evolving factors that require thoughtful, continuous digital innovation when it comes to CX.

At Avtex, we know how to design and build better customer experiences using custom innovations born out of the needs of our Genesys clients. These Avtex Elements help bridge the gaps within the omnichannel to deliver a personalized, transformative journey for your customers. Plus, they’ll elevate experiences to the highest possible level for everyone interacting with your business.

Here are 7 Avtex Elements built specifically for Genesys Cloud, and based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and preferences:

Avtex Element #1: Smart Apps Cloud

Designed based on input from hundreds of financial services organizations, Smart Apps Cloud delivers deep, broad functionality and a user-friendly interface that seamlessly connects to your core financial systems. This Avtex IP drives a unique combination of enhanced experiences and greater efficiencies that drive better, more sustainable value for your business.

The Smart Apps Cloud provides:

  • A highly configurable design with maximum flexibility and agility.
  • Streamlined authentication to save more time for your customers and agents.
  • Management reporting tools and agents alerts to identify risk and reduce the potential for fraud.
  • On-demand banking to empower your members and enable self-service 24/7.
  • Improved upsell opportunities to increase the number of products used by each member.

Pre-built to run on Genesys Cloud, the Smart Apps Cloud is fully unified across all application components to provide seamless experiences for both members and employees.

Avtex Element #2: WFM for Genesys Cloud

Workforce Management (WFM) optimizes your employees’ productivity and ensures that every resource is being used in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way. The WFM for Genesys Cloud adapter gives contact centers a unique way to leverage all the power of their WFM system for Genesys Cloud interactions.

This Avtex Element is designed to improve service levels, improve agent satisfaction, and optimize resources via:

  • Genesys Cloud interaction data that is aggregated into the historical and RTA formats required by your WFM system.
  • More effective schedules that boost agent efficiency, driving better experiences for your employees and your customers.
  • Optimized staffing levels with automatic schedule adjustments and accurate, timely resource forecasts.
  • Instant agent state changes to ensure everyone is working as planned, using RTA data sent every 3 seconds.
  • Omnichannel interactions including Genesys Cloud voice, callback, email, chat, direct dial, outbound campaigns, SMS, and digital messaging media types.
  • A user-friendly interface with customizable reports on queues, agent status, service levels, report intervals and more.

The WFM for Genesys Cloud Avtex IP works with NICE, Aspect, Verint, and Calabrio WFM products.

Avtex Element #3: Insights for Genesys Cloud

Even when properly identified, contact center KPI’s may be useless without the right tool to extract and analyze data. Insights for Genesys Cloud delivers actionable insights to help measure and monitor crucial KPI’s. The software increases visibility to key contact center data and reduces the time and effort your team needs to spend analyzing data.

This Avtex Element enables contact center teams and other lines of business to drive key metrics with:

  • An easy way to extract, transform, and store data from Genesys Cloud into a more friendly database.
  • Easily deployed, pre-built BI Reports in your Power BI Environment for Queue and Agent Performance, DNIS Reporting, Architect Flows, Routing and Presence Information, Evaluations and Surveys, and Wrap-Up Codes.
  • A customizable, extendable Power BI model, and templates that can be tailored for your unique business needs.
  • A customizable dashboard and reports to provide deeper visibility into your key metrics and drive faster improvement where and when needed.
  • Avtex infrastructure support to get up and running quickly.

Insights for Genesys Cloud helps improve overall performance, lower operating costs, and increase agent and customer satisfaction with powerful data management.

Avtex Element #4: InteractionSync

Integrating important systems like your CRM and your contact center is key to delivering a holistic CX strategy. InteractionSync enables your agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences quickly, efficiently, and consistently by delivering a unified view of all omnichannel customer interactions within Microsoft 365.

Specifically, InteractionSync improves agent efficiency and satisfaction through:

  • Automated routine actions, faster navigation, and fewer keystrokes for your agents.
  • A design built on top of the embedded Genesys Cloud softphone within Dynamics 365 Unified Interface (or Web Interface).
  • Support of the new Dynamics Customer Service UI to help increase agent productivity for core customer service tasks.
  • A screen pop mechanism that opens a specific page in Dynamics automatically, depending on existing information or attached to an interaction.
  • A log of each interaction made to and from Genesys Cloud as an activity in Dynamics.

InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud is proven to save a minimum of 30 seconds on every 300 second call your agent takes, allowing them to focus less on mundane tasks and more on delivering exceptional experiences for your customers.

Want to boost the productivity of your contact center agents and improve everyone’s experience?

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Avtex Element #5: OneView

For the best customer experience possible, your agents need the right tools, resources, and information. OneView gives your contact center agents a unified view of Genesys Cloud interactions within Salesforce, improving experiences for both your customers and your agents.

With OneView, your contact center team will have:

  • A streamlined interface within Salesforce that delivers faster application navigation and automated routine actions.
  • Reduced training time for learning new interfaces and business processes.
  • Access to more data plus the ability to create more reports and dashboards for better management insights and decision making.
  • Embedded design and workflows to simplify processes and achieve greater efficiency faster and more easily.

OneView lays everything out in front for your agents and provides strong process guidance, so they can focus on helping their customers.

Avtex Element #6: Visualizer

Without the right analysis, data is merely information taking up space. Visualizer solves that problem by consolidating data from Genesys Engage Premises customer interaction events into an intuitive, visually compelling interface. This unique Avtex IP gives business and IT teams the ability to search massive amounts of data in just minutes and uses sophisticated data visualization tools to help analyze the “big picture” of everything happening in their contact center.

Visualizer provides an easy way to identify trends and patterns, and research specific issues along with:

  • An intuitive interface with color codes that allows for easy drill down and custom queries for unique business needs.
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts on patterns related to bad operational behavior, plus as-needed mobile platform notifications.
  • Near real-time operational updates for more effective, proactive action.
  • A mobile operations dashboard with access to key performance information anywhere, any time.

Visualizer provides an intuitive, visually compelling interface for Genesys Engage data that increases operational performance, reduces and resolves software problems, and ultimately improves experiences for both agents and customers.

This unique Avtex IP helps monitor business progress and identifies areas of improvement with:

  • Rapid deployment to get up and running within days while ensuring all prerequisites have been met.
  • An easy-to-use configuration utility to setup and tailor the application for any environment.
  • Voice recording integration that seamlessly transfers recorded voice calls and important data like Conversion ID, Hold Events, and Multiple Agent Segments from Genesys Cloud to Calabrio ONE for inbound and outbound interactions.
  • Agent data synchronization between Genesys Cloud users and Calabrio ONE to reduce manual entry and ensure recordings can be linked to the proper team members.

The Calabrio ONE Connector lets the voice of the customer lead to better customer experiences by bringing Genesys Cloud call recording and associated data files into the Calabrio ONE Cloud. The result is deeper and more meaningful analysis with Calabrio ONE Quality Management, Analytics, and Advanced Reporting.

Avtex Elements for Genesys Cloud were designed based on feedback from our customers and built to meet your unique needs and preferences. With over five decades of experience in CX strategy, these Avtex IP solutions were built by the experts in app development and reflect our deep partnership with Genesys Cloud technologies. This makes Avtex Elements unlike anything else available in the market today.

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